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Much Ado About Sod All

On the road to Hell with good intentions

15 May 1957

Addicted to BtVS since it first aired on TV here. Lost interest in Angel the second that Spike burst onto the scene.

An avid reader of Spuffy fanfic since getting online. Will be making my own humble attempts at writing soon - and the nerves are driving me crazy!

I love the fandom and the lovely people you come into contact with. They really are some of the nicest I've ever met - even if it isn't face to face.

Want to friend? Please leave a comment and mention whether you'd like me to friend you back or not.

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Layout by amavel_bel from layouts_for_fun. Thank you for sharing.

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My first ever nomination (so I will savour this one always). On the Dial of Time has been nominated at the Fang Fetish Awards in the best Fluff or Lighthearted category. Thank you very much, Athenewolfe.

And just as it was sinking in - Buyer Beware has been nominated there as well in the Best Alternate Reality, Most Original and Best Angst categories. Yay, little BB, and my grateful thanks to whomever did the nominating deed.

To top it all off, Buyer Beware has also been nominated at the Vampire Kisses Awards in the category of Best WIP (keep wanna put WHIP instead!). This is a pretty good dream I'm having and I'm in no hurry to wake up.

Fool for Love Awards has Buyer Beware nommed for Best Angst, Best Drama and Best WIP. In addition, I am extremely chuffed to have been nommed as Best Newbie. Additionally - I later find - it has been selected for the Reader's Choice Award, for which I am even more chuffed than before.

I am extremely flattered to have Buyer Beware nominated in the first round of the Serenity on the Hellmouth Awards in the Best Buffy Fic category. This awards site caters for all of Joss's many characters from BtVS, AtS and Firefly so plenty of scope for all preferences of reading and writing.

Very excited to have been nominated - and I do wonder who (or whom) is being so kind - in Round 14 of the LLGA. Buyer Beware is in the Best Saga, Best WIP, Best Future Fic and Best Plot Categories. The quality of the company it finds itself in is reward enough in itself.

Surprised, in a multitude of ways, to find Buyer Beware nominated at LiSA. Of the five categories, I have brought to the site's attention the fact that I'm not eligible for two - more likely three - and that the Judge's time should be saved from having to read (some of those categories are big, folks. Not fair to the judges when they could be reading properly categorised fic.) Anyway, I am very happy to have been nominated for Most Original Fiction and Best Angst.

It's so lovely to have Buyer Beware nominated here. Again, I only think that one of the following categories is correct - but maybe it is a comedy/PWP and I hadn't realised yet. Is someone taking the Michael? Will have to look more closely at my communication skills. The categories are The Becoming Award, The Smashed Award and The Something Blue Award (and I'm really cool with the first one). But I am still touched that someone wanted to nominate in the first place. Thank you.

Gulps. Have just discovered that Buyer Beware is nominated at LBA in the following categories: Best Chipped!Spike, Best Romance - Spike/Buffy, Best Extreme, Best Het Fic - Spike/Buffy. This is one that I will wave about as it is a voting site - recognised some familiar and wonderful writers amongst the many nominees - but there was also a wealth of 'new to me' writers that I can't wait to get my eyes on. Thanks to the nomination honey.

The nomination sweetie strikes again! *huggles* BB is there under Best Unfinished - which is a pretty accurate assessment! Thank you kindly.

BB has been nominated by some kind soul in the Best General Angst category. Thank you very muchly.

BB nominated (I wonder if it the same kind soul or there are lots of kind souls out there) for The Spice Award and The Sensual Award. My grateful thanks.

BB is nominated in Round 2 of the Rerun Awards for the Stranger in a Strange Land Award - AU - by the lovely Celeste. Thank you, lovely and talented lady.

Am over the moon to find BB nominated in several categories at the Fade to Black Awards. Thank you again to the nomination honey. *hugs*

BB has been nominated by a kind soul in three catedories for Round 8. Thank you!

BB nommed in three categories in Round 1 of the Spark & Burn Awards. Thank you kind person, whomever you are! *bows*

How lucky am I? BB nommed in Het(Romance) category in Round 19 of the Shades of Grey Awards. Many humble thanks to the lovely bod who likes this fic that much. *hugs*

That sweet person has struck again and have been nominated in four categories in Round 1 of the Burst Into Flame Awards. *smooches*

Thank you, thank you, thank you...to the lovely someone (I do have suspicions!) who nominated me in the Best Beta category at Fandom of the Stars. The company is awesome, so just being nominated means a lot to me. *hugs*

*smooches* Caia for generously nominating BB in two categories in Round 14. I am so chuffed that the fic is still being enjoyed.


A huge thank you to all the awards sites, judges, artists and, where applicable, the voters. *hugs*